Okra, Peas, Eggplant and Basil!

Harvest Basket

Harvest Basket

One of the things that has always drawn me to the garden is it variability and dynamism.  There is so much to observe; bugs, dirt, leaves, fruit.  And there is so much to do; mulch, prune, compost, ammend, love.  And, because the kitchen activities are largely dictated by what I observe in the garden each morning, our dinner is often a consequence of whatever plant needs the most attention on any given day.  Today, it looks like we’re having okra and peas and some sort of basil dipping sauce.

These are all plants that need to be attended regularly so that they will continue to produce and, most importantly, so the food is harvested at it’s peak of tastiness.  Okra, for instance, grows very quickly and should be harvested each day before the fruits get woody and too tough to eat.  Basil bolts (flowers) frequently, which causes the plant to get lanky with small leaves; trimming the flowers keeps a nice bushy growth and larger leaves.  These are only two examples, but suffice it to say, when given the proper attention, these plants will keep the kitchen nicely stocked even in the slow season.

8/16 Season Harvest Baskets May Include (Items are selected based on quality and availability):



Black Eyed Peas


Malabar Spinach



Collard Greens