Slim pickin’s

The weather has given us a hint or two that Fall is on the way.  It’s encouraging.  I made the first trip for seedlings (Asian greens and Swiss chard) this week, but have largely put off the bulk of the planting for another week or so until I can see how these pioneer plants fare over the next few days.  Planting is a joyful thing for me, too, so why not spread the joy over the span of a few days and weeks?

Asian Greens

Asian Greens

In the meantime, the garden is still producing a bit of okra, black-eyed peas, peppers, arugula (which is showing signs of bolting) and malabar spinach.  But, even these plants are struggling with the heat and lack of rain.  It’s been keeping food on the table, but as the season gets hotter, eating our produce entirely from the garden becomes a serious challenge.  I admit to buying onions and potatoes fairly regularly since we finished eating all the (marginally successful) potatoes and onions months ago.  We humans are ravenous feeders!

Arugula, growing in the little rebels.

Arugula, growing in the walkway…my little rebels.


So, while I wait for Fall to arrive in earnest, I turn my hungry eyes to the prickly pear cactus until the okra has put on enough for me to cook up another pound or two (which my husband and I devour effortlessly).  In all honesty, I find the preparation of nopales to be rather labor intensive, but the plants need to be groomed anyway and there isn’t much of anything else (with bulk) in the yard to eat.  I’ll post some recipes when I figure out how to make them delicious.