I love before and after photos.  Whether you’re remodeling your kitchen or getting a haircut it’s just so delightful to see the transformation laid out in front of me so I can find all the differences, Highlights for Children style.  So each week we’ll take a look at the work I do in my garden with some before and after shots.  Some weeks you’ll see huge changes.  Some weeks you might really have to hunt for what’s new.  I have a billion caveats and excuses for slow progress, messy borders, weedy patches and bug-eaten leaves that I’m just itching to insert here but instead I’ll just say:  This is my garden.  It’s not perfect.  Each week I do a little work in it.  Welcome!


BEFORE:  Row 5 was narrow and poorly defined.  It contained only lemongrass (foreground), two sad tomato plants and a jalapeno.  The green tangle to the right is volunteer loofah which is finally producing but also climbing around on everything- especially tomato cages!







WP_000505AFTER:  Now Row 5 has been widened and lengthened.  The loofah was moved aside to make more room, and the pathway on the left covered in cardboard to help keep weeds down.  In the new row, I planted Garlic, Beets, Watermelon Radish, and an Heirloom Leaf Lettuce mix.