Cleaning Up the Little Veggie Circle

In our front yard there’s a small circle where a pecan tree once stood.  The tree died the month before we closed on our house.  We covered the stump with mulch and planted some veggies and herbs in the ring around it.  This fall, we’ll be getting a new tree, a Texas Ash, from TreeFolks.  But until then it’s our friendly little frontyard veggie circle.  You can see it was in serious need of some maintenance with tomatoes, basil, arugula, thyme and a lonely asparagus looking overcrowded and overwhelmed by weeds and grass.  Now the space is cleared out and they’ve been joined by some new kale seedlings and lettuce and beet seed.  With a blanket of mulch, it’s pretty as a picture!

BEFORE                                                                          AFTER

P1010875 P1010877

P1010876 P1010878