Last Row of the Season

I dug in the last row in the backyard garden this morning and seeded it with Little Finger Carrots and Chioggia Beets.  I added compost tea and covered with a generous blanket of mulch.  The entire operation took about 40 minutes.  As you can see, that did not mean I found time to weed the pathways…  Now my fall garden is all planted.  Eventually we’ll get a freeze and the peas, squash and loofah will die leaving more space for planting.  For now, though, I get to focus on keeping my little baby cool weather plants alive.

P1010895-001 P1010896

Keeping them alive is more challenging than I’d like.  You can see the row on the left looks pretty bare- alarmingly it was seeded over a month ago!  Why so sparse?  Probably because these photos captured the one paltry hour per day of direct sun this part of the garden receives.  My neighbor to the south has quite a thicket of hackberry trees blocking way more of my sun than I ever realized.  Isn’t it Fall?  What are all those leaves doing on the trees anyway?  I have requested leave to “maintain” the trees, and hopefully next week I’ll be able to post a before-and-after of cutting down the unsightly Wall ‘o Hackberries to let the light in.