Saving Some Rain for Later

No garden photos this week- this time it’s all buildings and barrels! Last week it rained.  Then, this week it rained again!  Not so great for digging in the garden but perfect for the wee baby plants out in the garden.  Rainwater is, in the opinion of most gardeners and farmers, vastly superior to treated city tap water.  Fewer chemicals, more nutrients and it’s FREE!  So this week I installed some rain barrels as well as some gutters to guide the rain into its holding place.  And after about an inch of rain yesterday, they’re both too full to move today.  Two hours well spent.

We bought them through the mail.  They came in big boxes.


Here is our one existing gutter.  It’s on an old chicken coop right next to the garden.



AFTER (Notice the lovely barrel with no downspout or anything!  I just screwed in the fawcet that came with the barrel and slapped it under the end of the gutter.  Maybe we will add more bits later to minimize loss.  But to be honest that is unlikely.  We go for most impact and least effort around here.)


And here’s the one off our back porch.  I had to add a gutter.  I bought vinyl gutter from a big box store with some attachment hardware.  These 30 ft of guttering cost $20 and took about 30 minutes to do.