You want to be a Yard to Market Co-op Member?

Whether you’ve been gardening for a while or are just getting up and running as a yard-scale food producer, we are here for you.  You might say, “What?!  That’s creepy!  Get out of my yard!  I can’t even see you!”

Don’t worry…it’s nothing like that.  We are a co-op of yard-scale food producers’ and we support neighborhood gardeners and flock keepers by providing  branding, marketing and distribution services.  We also hustle to connect members to low-cost supplies and food with seasonal bulk orders, low-cost bulk amendment deliveries, 1/2 price member hour and seed/seedling swaps.

I know what a lot of you are thinking…”This winter was long and weird and then there was hail and today the high is in the mid-nineties.  How can I think of selling my garden treasures at a time like this?!”  Yes, it’s true…gardening is a lesson in humility.  But, here’s the deal.  We know where you are coming from, and that’s why we exist.  We understand that you may not have produce that you wish to sell some weeks (or even months).  We know from experience that making your garden an economic benefit to your household means finding inputs on the cheap and eating all you can.  We completely get it.  And we hear you.

We want to help improve our members’ gardens’ economic impact on their households.  We know it’s hard.  So, let us help.  We are now looking for new members and we’d really like to hear from you.  Apply now, or you can meet us in person this weekend.  You can find us swapping seeds at the Violet Crown Festival this Saturday and at HOPE Farmers’ Market on Sunday.  Stop in!  Let’s be friends.