Hot peppers and cold weather



Right now is a perfect time to put back peppers for the rest of the year, as they do not take kindly to cold temperatures.  No use chiding me northerners, this is about the peppers, and they don’t like it under 35 degrees.  That goes for basil and tomatoes and eggplant and squash, too.  Luckily, all these things are delicious and easy to preserve.

For peppers, you can wash them, seed them and slice them into halves and throw them in a rating dish with a little garlic.  Roast the peppers and garlic on a high temperature until everything looks wilted and is beginning to brown.  Then, put everything into a blender with a tad of sugar and some vinegar.  You just made your own tabasco!

For tomatoes, you can just throw those babies whole into the freezer.  If they are green, you can substitute them for tomatillos and make salsa verde or throw them into a soup for a souther flair.

For basil, take all the leaves off and rinse.  Throw them into a blender with some garlic and olive oil and some nuts (think pesto without the cheese…and there is really no reason you can’t ads cheese) and blend it all up.  Once it’s all chopped nicely, spoon them mixture into ice cube trays ad freeze them.  You can throw this into any soup or rice dish for a nice taste of summer.

Do you have some favorite end-of-season tips?  Pray tell!