CROP SWAP on February 1!

Crop Swap!

Tips for Successful Swapping


When you arrive

  • Check in at the main table and make a nametag
  • Fill out your swap sheets
  • Find a place for your items on the table, and put your swap sheet next to them. (Slightly tucked underneath if it is windy!)
  • Peruse what others have brought and check out the market.
  • You are welcome to start putting your name/items down on anyone else’s sheet at any time, just wait to make trades until the hosts open up the swap floor.

How to swap

  • If you see an item you want, write your name on the item’s sheet and what you’re willing to trade.
  • You are not tied to your name being on a sheet, so feel free to write down your name more times than you have items!
  • Don’t be intimidated if there are already lots of names on a sheet. You still might get it!
  • Likewise, don’t take it personally if there are few (or no) names on your own items. It’s possible your sheet was hidden, or you arrived too late for many people to see it.
  • About 1 hour after the swap begins, it will be time to trade! There are two main methods:
  1. Head back to your item and seek out the people who signed up for yours, then negotiate.
  2. Seek out the people whose items you signed up for, then negotiate.


Keep in Mind

  • Do not be discouraged if they say no, and do not be afraid to say no! Food is personal and there are many factors that go into a swapper’s choice.
  • If your trade is successful, be sure to give your item to the person right away.
  • Make sure to take your new goodies as well!
  • If you’ve traded all your items, be sure to remove your swap sheet from the table. Removing items helps people know how much is left available to trade.

After the swap

  • Once you’re done trading, feel free to stay and socialize, but make sure to stay out of the way of active swappers!
  • We’d love to see your swap photos on Facebook (!