No-cook Sun pickles

Co-op Owner Brittany Fetterman shared her brilliant sun pickling recipe.  It is perfect for preserving larger slicing cucumbers.  And, did I mention….NO COOKING!!?!?!


Brittany's Brilliant No-cook Sun Pickles

Brittany’s Brilliant No-cook Sun Pickles

Recipe is for making in a 1 gallon jar. To make in a quart jar, quarter the recipe.

Fresh dill 8ish bunches our sub dried dill
Garlic cloves if you wish
Cucumbers sliced thin horizontal
1 cup white vinegar
1/4 cup salt

Slice cucumbers into thin horizontal slices. Layer bottom of jar with dill and garlic. Alternate layers of cucumbers and dill until reach neck of jar packing tight. Pour in salt and vinegar and then fill with water til cucumbers are covered. Cap jar and leave outside in direct Sun for 4 days. Rotate jar daily. At end of 4 days refrigerate for crunch. Will stay good in fridge for up to 3 months.