Board of Directors

Haley Bradley, Board Secretary

Haley Bradley

Haley Bradley

As a member who lives outside of the city limits, I feel I provide a perspective that deserves a voice as the co-op grows. Having been a gardener of varying degrees of success for most of my adult life, I know how difficult and unpredictable producing your own food can be. Being self employed for nearly 7 years has taught me the importance of setting goals and managing changing needs. In addition, I have spent the last year serving as a board member and have learned the ins and outs of board work. Term expires 2018.

Annelies Lottmann

Annelies Lottmann

Annelies Lottmann

Annelies is a native Austinite and a skilled community organizer with over a decade of experience supporting civil society everywhere from a middle school classroom in the former USSR to a schoolyard farm in Brooklyn, New York. After she received her law degree from UT in 2008, Annelies turned her focus to issues affecting small-scale sustainable food producers in cities around the United States. Annelies has been growing and selling local food in yards since 2011. Now she cooperates with other local gardeners to bring homegrown veggies to markets here in Austin. When she’s not out in the garden or at the farmstand you can find her dancing with the Austin Samba School or sharing a pint with her fellow board members at Black Star Co-op. Term expires 2017.

Jen Mack,

Jen Mack

Jen Mack

I have always been passionate about gardening and over the past 5 years have become equally passionate about local food and eating in season. Now raising two kids, it is ever more important to instill the values that I am so enthusiastic about in them. I have a background in gardening; I worked at the natural gardener for 8 years and then started a landscaping company that I operated with a friend for 3 years. I then moved onto farming where I worked at Rainlily farm for 2 years until I had my first child. Then I took a position at farmhouse delivery as the buyer for the next two years until my second baby was born. I have a lot of knowledge of local plants and gardening as well as how to use vegetables in the kitchen. I also have experience and contacts with many local farms. Term expires 2019.

Ron Going, Board President

This is NOT Ron Going.

This is NOT Ron Going.

Elected June 2016. Term expires in 2019.

Jennifer Norris-Nielsen, Board Member

Elected June 2016. Term expires in 2019.


Board Committees

Member Engagement

Charter: Creates dialog between the Board of Directors and Co-op member-owners, develops Ends Policies in a collaborative process with the member -owners and organizes social events to facilitate member-owner interaction, provide a forum for member-owner feedback to the Board, and create an opportunity to cultivate relationships with potential new member-owners.
Members: Jen Mack (chair), Annelies Lottmann, Shirley Mount, Kathy Stimets-Vidal


Charter: Develops and executes a plan to fund the funds to pay the managing director and supporting staff initially a minimum wage, eventually a livable wage, and then at fair market value. The committee will also review and update its charter annually.
Members: Haley Bradley (chair), Ron Going, Jennifer Nielsen-Norris

Board Perpetuation

Charter: TBD
Members: Annelies Lottmann (chair), Haley Bradley

Yard to Market Policy Register (Our Governance Document)

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