About our Co-op

_DSC3894Mission Statement

Yard to Market Co-op facilitates the promotion, sale, and distribution of yard-grown food, expanding market access for gardeners in the Austin area.

Our History

Yard To Market Co-op, founded in 2013, is a cooperative business, owned by and serving the needs of independent, home-scale food producers. By combining resources, we are able to access the local food market and reduce marketing, sales and distribution costs for all owners, thus improving the economic benefit of home-based food production. We operate in accordance with the cooperative principles adopted by the 1995 General Assembly of the International Co-operative Alliance, such principles being:

(i)               voluntary and open ownership without arbitrary discrimination;
(ii)               democratic governance;
(iii)              economic participation by owners;
(iv)              autonomy and independence of the Co-op;
(v)               providing education and training;
(vi)              cooperation with other cooperatives; and
(vii)             concern for community.