Board of Directors

Annelies Lottmann
Board President

Annelies Lottman

Annelies is a native Austinite and a skilled gardener. After she received her law degree from UT in 2008, Annelies turned her focus to issues affecting small-scale sustainable food producers in cities around the United States. Annelies has been growing and selling local food in yards since 2011. Now she cooperates with other local gardeners to bring homegrown veggies to markets here in Austin. When she’s not out in the garden or at the farmstand you can find helping other cooperators get started in her work as a Cooperative Development Specialist with the Texas Rural Cooperative Center. Term expires 2022.

Linda Colonna
Board Secretary

Term expires 2021.

Julian Rodriguez

Term Expires 2021

Ben Hasan
Board Member

Term expires 2019.

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