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  1. Thank you John! The same is true for you, too. Your garden has been an inspiration to me. If you ever have extras, let me know and we’ll post them for the neighbors to find.

  2. What a treat! This was the first time I have ever chard. I didn’t know what to expect but I followed your directions for cooking greens with potatoes and they were delicious. Score one for nutrition! I knew I’d never use up a whole bunch of mint before it wilted, so I chopped it up just a bit (not enough patience to mince it fine) and froze about a teaspoon of mint in a little water in each cube of two ice cube trays. One cube is perfect to add a hint of mint to a green smoothie.

  3. Margaret, I’m so glad you enjoyed the Swiss chard!! Lucky for us, it’s a real trooper of plant and is available much of the year. It is a good candidate for adding to your landscaping, too, as there are several varieties that can add a lot of color and won’t die back in the winter.

    Thank you for the tip on preserving mint. It sounds perfect for iced tea and lemonade!!

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