Membership FAQs

I have a small home garden and probably won’t be able to sell produce very often. Can I still join?

Yes! We welcome and encourage home growers at any scale to join the co-op. Our mission is to provide market access to even the smallest-scale growers, so whether you sell a couple bunches of basil each year or pounds of food each week, we want you to come be a part of our community of food producers.

How much does it cost to become a member?

The co-op requires a $49 new member fee and a $65 investment from each new member-owner. The new member fee covers the cost of training and site visits. The $65 investment adds to capital of the cooperative and puts all of our member-owners on equal financial footing. The $65 investment is refundable if you ever decide to leave the co-op.

What economic benefits do you provide to your members?

Yard to Market Co-op members work together to market, sell and distribute homegrown produce through farmstand, and grocery sales. We advertise on behalf of our members, coordinate farmstand volunteers, supply branded packaging materials, and maintain relationships with restaurant, grocery and individual buyers in order to ensure that we sell as much homegrown bounty as possible.

Our members also enjoy preferred rates for bulk soils and amendments with preferred vendors and special discount opportunities on co-op supplies including seedlings and seeds (and some produce, too!).

Additionally, owners are eligible to receive loyalty discounts for all farmstand purchases and 10% off all purchases from our online store.

We provide all of our members with a minimum of five hours of free training in safe produce handling, packaging for market, produce storage, and our sales systems.

What non-economic benefits do you provide to your members?

The co-op helps connect a vibrant and diverse family of gardeners at our member events, weekly farmstand, open Board meetings, and via our blog, website and email listserv.

In addition, the cooperative is a democratically governed community of yard-scale food producers. Every member is strongly encouraged to participate by volunteering at the farmstand, serving on our Board of Directors, serving on committees, and of course, VOTING!!  We couldn’t do this without each other! And your voice, time and participation MAKES A DIFFERENCE!

How do you keep track of the produce I bring?

Each time you bring produce for sale, you must complete a Produce Check-In Record detailing the type, size and number of items you have provided. At the end of our sales week, you receive a detailed receipt for all delivered produce.

How much will I earn for my produce?

Your earnings for sold produce are published in our Bundling Guidelines and Earning Reference. This reference is reviewed and adjusted quarterly according to local market rates and the USDA National Retail Report to ensure fair pricing and payment. We are proud to offer the most favorable and economically sustainable sales opportunity for home-scale food producers in our area.

How do you pay members?

We issue checks in April, July, October and January for earnings from the previous fiscal quarter.

Where can I buy Yard to Market Produce?

– Our Farmstand at the HOPE Farmers’ Market, 412 Comal St. at 5th St., Plaza Saltillo, Sundays from 11am to 3pm.

– Our Farmstand at Sunset Valley Farmers’ Market, Toney Burger Center, 3200 Jones Road, Saturdays 9am to 1pm.

– Our produce is also occasionally available at In.gredients neighborhood grocery